How do we get back on track?

From Anonymous ✍ – 30/09/2022

I’ve been with my partner for 11 years and I love them so much. We have a house, two dogs and we’re quite settled. I just feel we are getting into a bit of a slog. We don’t seem to do any of the fun things anymore and I’m worried that the less effort we put in, the worse it will get. How do I get us back to the old us? 

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Hi there! Thanks for writing in. This is definitely a common issue with a lot of couples as the years go on. I would suggest that you start introducing the fun things you both used to enjoy back into the relationship. Add a little spontaneity, make sure phones are away at dinner time and ensure communication is at the forefront of your relationship. Quality over quantity of time is essential.… Read more »


Great advice! Xx


Me and my partner started going to couples therapy online once a week just to get to grips with any underlying issues. Have you thought about that?


Have some time apart and give each other time to miss them? Try a new hobbie? Focus on yourself for a bit.