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Date Night Away is the perfect place to book memorable experiences for two.

Our mission is to make it effortless when planning a UK getaway. We aim to find date activities people never knew existed or haven't thought to try together, alongside offering nearby, handpicked accommodation.

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Hey, it’s Dan and Em here from Date Night Away ❤️


We are super excited to provide you with inspiration and ideas for your next adventure. Date Night Away evolved from our own desire to find fun and unique experiences on UK staycations.

Who doesn’t love visiting new places and trying new experiences? We wanted to use a service ourselves that took all the work out of trying to find somewhere different to visit, or something different to do.. or both! This is how it all came about, the idea of booking date activities with the option of suitable accommodation nearby, without barely lifting a finger. Booking and planning your next date day or date night away just became a lot easier. This led to the birth of datenightaway.co.uk  – we think it has a ring to it too!


Thames RIB Experience
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In addition to the simplicity of booking a Date Night Away, we look for completely different activities to experience. We have extensively researched the best accommodation options, which are always highly rated, and conveniently located nearby to the experience of your choosing. 

We’d love to hear from you guys and see you on your next adventures! 😍

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